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Slyyoga is founded with our passion for yoga and we would love to spread that love to more and more people.

At Slyyoga, we do not only teach yoga, we seek to create a yoga community where we can share daily matters, stress at work or problems in life. Yoga is the great recipe to communicate and balance your mind and body.


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Slyyoga is my second family where I’ve learned and then worked for a long time. Becoming a yoga trainer here is the best decision I have made. At Slyyog, I find my self and the way to be close friend with her.

MR. Pankaj Pandey


About Slyyog

SLY yoga classes is a big training organization which provides services yoga classes, yoga therapy and other things related to health and increase living standard of life. In this organization teachers are well trained and experienced. Our certified yoga instructors make everyone feel comfortable. You can always spot the teachers who loves what they do. Since yoga not only improve you physically but mentally too. When the yoga teachers love what they do that feelings transferred into the client as well.

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